Thursday, June 16, 2011

The King of Fighters XIII Arcade Game Has Been Dumped.

It looks like another Taito Type arcade rom has been dumped, but this time it's the King of Fighters XIII. The game that everyone has been waiting for and almost nobody (in the US at least) has played, despite it being released over a year ago in the arcades. There's a lot of people crying about this on various forums saying "Oh boo hoo! Now no one will buy the console release! We are all teh doomed!"

My response is this. I don't want to play the console version, I want to play the arcade version, (in an arcade preferably). If it was around here, I would have already spent more than the console version costs on it two or three times over by now and been happy about it.
For the record, the console versions are set to be released in North America in October.

If you want to try and get the arcade version running on your PC, you can grab the files HERE or get them off Demonoid. (I haven't had a lot of luck getting it to run, but others have pulled it off.)

I'll probably buy the console version when it comes out because I'm KOF obsessed, but I'll have to play at a friends house, because I don't own a modern home system at this point. Given the choice I'd rather have the arcade version every time though.

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