Sunday, March 3, 2019

Coin-Op Game Room Sacramento

So I went to a barcade in Sacramento, California recently. By recently I mean almost a year ago.

We went up to Sacramento to see Slayer on their "final tour" in 2018. Before the show we stopped in at the Coin-op Game Room. Here's some pictures:

Entrance and outdoor drinking/smoking area.

They have monthly IFPA pinball tournaments.

Love these change machines, but which one do I like more?

Lot's of places to sit.

Some good classics, TRON wasn't working :(

They have a 10-player Killer Queen.
The building is pretty big, they had cool stuff on the walls on the way to the restrooms.

House pinball rules.

Lot's of good pins in great working order!

Houdini, I'd never seen this one in the wild before. I like the playfield art.

They have a beat up SFII. It's crazy how weird octagonal gates on fighting games feel to me now. Love it.

Great mural outside.

So this arcade has a pretty good atmosphere in the daytime, I really wanted to go back for the IFPA tournaments, but it's pretty far from where I live (90 miles) so I never got around to it. No cover charge, you don't have to drink to play, but you do have to be 21. 

Great modern pinball selection and awesome hours. They open at noon on weekends and 4PM on weekdays, open till 2am every night!
Last sunday of every month they have the games set on free play (not sure if this applies to pinball, I'd be surprised).

It's worth checking out if you are in the capital.