Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spriter Kredits

Recently I've been teaching myself to make little animated banners for affiliation and fun. I've become slightly obsessed with them, they are really fun to make!
I can already tell that I'll be making more and more of these, so I wanted to have a post giving credit to the original spriters that ripped the sprites I'm using for my banners and other projects.
Spriting is a lot harder than making silly little animations and I want to thank all of you out there doing it!

This post will be updated as necessary ^.^

The Nam Pooh sprite for this banner was ripped by Nemu.
88x31 Nam Pooh Banner

The Magical Drop 3 sprites I used in this banner were ripped by GregarLink10
200x50 Magical Drop Banner

For this little Sailor V banner I modified a blank template from The Oracle.
80x15 Sailor V Banner

For this 460 x 60 banner the Demitri sprites were ripped by Spenser Crippen.
The Cody stage background from SFA3 was ripped by Nashrakh.
The sprites for the Arcade Perfect logo were made with the NFG's Arcade Font Tool.
(Click to view.)

The sprites for this Donkey Kong Banner were ripped by Zeon. I used the almighty NFG Arcade Font Tool again here also.
88x33 Pauline Arcade Perfect Forums Banner
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Raw said...

These are cool, nice work!

Havuelete said...

they look great! good work

Unknown said...

Hey there :0 ^^ Thanks for the follow!! I love your blog, how deliciously nerdy :D

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