Sunday, July 31, 2011

EVO 2011 Results and Other Goodness

Here are the final EVO 2011 results.

King of Fighters XIII (side tournament)

2. Romance
3. Mr. KOF
4. Reynald
5. El Rosa (Mex)
6. Xian from Singapore

Tekken 6

1. DMG|Kor (Bob)
2. Fab (Bob)
3. Reepal (Law)
4. JustFrameJames (Law, Baek)
5. Crow (Bob)
5. Mr. Naps (Bryan)
7. LLL|Ryan Hart (Kazuya)
7. MCZ|Tokido (Bob)

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

1. Spark (Hakumen)
2. Lord Knight (Makoto, Litchi)
3. MCZ|Tokido (Noel)

Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

1. Fuudo (Fei Long)
2. BrokenTier|Latif (C. Viper)
3. Poongko (Seth)Poongko (Seth)
4. MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Yun)
5. eLive|Kindevu (Yun)
5. MCZ|Tokido (Akuma)
7. WolfKrone (C. Viper)
7. Flash Metroid (Zangief, C. Viper)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3

1. Viscant (Wesker, Haggar, Phoenix)
2. DMG|PR Balrog (Dante, Wolverine, Tron)
3. EG|Justin Wong (She-Hulk, Wolverine, Akuma)
4. cc.coL|Combofiend (She-Hulk, Taskmaster, Spencer)
5. UVG|Noel Brown (Wolverine, Wesker, Akuma)
5. cc.coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto, Sentinel, Phoenix)
7. Mine (Wesker, Taskmaster, Phoenix)
7. X-Ray (Dante, Amaterasu, Magneto)

Mortal Kombat 9

1. DMG|Perfect Legend (Kung Lao)
2. vVv|REO (Mileena)
3. JOP (Johnny Cage, Raiden)
4. LB|ChrisGNY (Reptile)
5. Denzell Terry (Johnny Cage, Liu Kang)
5. 16-Bit (Katana)
7. FR|ATL Redd (Liu Kang)
7. OnlineTony (Kabal) 

For all the crap that I talk about current Capcom fighting games, The SFIV was actually quite fun to watch, it's hard not to get enthused with the crowd and all, even if it was a Yun/Fei Long fest. 
Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is still garbage though :D

They had a Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition exhibition and it's looking really good. It definitely looks better than Street Fighter IV does.

The best part of the EVO stream was the Aris and Kayo Police Tekken 6 commentary.

Balrog : Behind the Glory was awesome too.

Here's the final SF IV matches, where you can see Latif totally choking :/

Tekken 6 Grand Finals.

BlazBlue Grand Final.

Here's was* the  final hour of MvC3.

*Video has been removed by! Way to go Shoryuken.

Good times :)

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