Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gemini Arcade Palace

The next stop in Las Vegas was the Gemini Arcade Palace!

 The Gemini Arcade Palace is dark, cool, and popping with throbbing beats and flashing lights.
It is a Bemani/rhythm/dance focused arcade. I could tell they care a lot about their arcade, aside from the games, they had all kinds of neat pictures on the walls, lots of nice soaps in the bathroom, and baby powder/paper towels at the machines. They had comfy couches for chilling and some modern console systems to play if you just want to hang out. Gemini has fighting game events on the consoles pretty regularly it seems. It should be obvious, but I'll say that they have a giant selection of rhythm games to play, including some very modern titles.

The manager Juli was super nice and genuinely cares about arcades and the whole scene in general. Overall the arcade had a very nice community feel to it and I would spend a hell of a lot of time there if I had to live in Las Vegas!

Anyways, here's some pictures of the Gemini Arcade Palace!

DjMax Technika 3


Notice the fresh disco ball!

City cabs with some emulation action.

Vending goodness!

They had a big selection of DjMax Platinum Crew cards, I only bought two :)
I love this arcade and (as usual) I wish I could have stayed longer. It's 100% worth checking out if you are in Las Vegas!!!

Long live Gemini! Support your local arcade!

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