Saturday, August 4, 2012

California Extreme 2012

Last weekend was California Extreme XVI, AKG and myself went to check it out. They had it at the Hyatt Regency again this year, but the layout was slightly different. If you read the post about last years show, all the same sentiments apply here, except we stayed for both days this trip. We made lot's of friends, played tons of games and had a great time! I took more pictures than it would feasible to show, but you can see the whole set on our Flickr page if you're interested.

Gizimnoic did a really nice walkthrough pointing out some of the more unusual games:

We picked up some killer schwag as usual:

Our sweet press badges.

Here are a few pictures from the show:
Some X-Men tables


Eight Ball Deluxe



Foxy Lady cocktail pin

Star Castle cocktail

Star Trip cocktail pin

Electric YoYo




Space Shuttle

A Pac-Man pinball game

Space Harrier

Pole Positions

Cosmic Venus (working movie prop)

Royal Guard

Thayer's Quest

Thayer's Quest control panel

Time Traveller


Jungle King

No one escapes the Black Hole

Joust cocktail

Heavy Metal Meltdown

Mini Pool
Thank you to everyone that helped make this show possible! Long live California Extreme!

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