Saturday, December 23, 2023

RIP DoctorC

    Hello friends, I'm sorry to have to make this post, but my friend DoctorC has passed away this week. Today is his birthday. DoctorC was a great friend and a great player. He helped start this website all those years ago. When we first set out to discover where all the arcades went, DoctorC went on all of our early missions, that first trip to California Extreme where we met Walter Day from Twin Galaxies and Seth and Michelle from 8 Bit Weapon/ComputeHer, going to SouthTown Arcade for the Final KOF XIII tournament the weekend before it was released to console, various flea markets, including some wild goose chases to arcades that were rumored to be around, especially trying to track down KOF XIII machines in California. 

It is safe to say that arcades are no longer "dead" and we definitely found them, but those first years of searching for them were pretty unforgettable and DoctorC was an integral part of that dream. So many ridiculous times and memories with the Doctor. All the inside jokes that only DoctorC would get...Spiderman serving balloons at the flea market, wolverine and all his little cronies, the game cave, a whole new world... I GOT MORE JACKETS. Just total shenanigans. DoctorC inspired me to learn Tekken again after humiliating me at Brooklyns' house that one time (I never got that rematch). He was an Asuka main and just a totally amazing player. 

DoctorC on the Cyber Lead

DoctorC vs BBZ

I'll miss you brother, happy birthday friend and rest in peace.