Friday, August 27, 2010

Musashi and Ganryu


So I just got finished reading Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa a few weeks ago. I wanted to read this book after I got heavily back into Samurai Shodown. After reading lots of articles about Samurai Shodown I found that a lot of the characters were based on characters from the book (and the characters from the book are based on real people.)
I won't go on and on about it, but I really loved the book btw.

So a few days ago I found an arcade game called "Ganryu".
I'm sure you'll remember from the book that Ganryu is the nickname of Sasaki Kojiro, Musashi's final enemy and rival.

In the book, the story ends after Musashi duels Ganryu and defeats him. It doesn't really make it clear what Musashi does after the fight.

Well apparently he fights ninja. Lot's of ninja. Oh and a bunch of demons too.

At the start you can select Musashi or Suzume.
Ok here' where thing's start to get weird.
Suzume is supposed to be Otsu's sister, except Otsu didn't have a sister, she had a brother, Jotaro.
Not only does she now have a sister, but her sister is an Iga Ninja. Who would've thought.

Ganryu is a pretty fun side-scroller.
 At the end of each of the five stages you have to fight a boss and argue with Kojiro (or a priest on level 2).


Kojiro in his final Chaos form.
This goes on for way too long.

Uhh..Musashi already fought in the Battle of Sekigahara, when he was a kid.
What a long useless post., basically what I wanted to get at was I can't believe Yoshikawa left all of that out of the book! I never would have guessed that Kojiro became possessed by the power of Chaos, kidnapped a bunch of girls, including Otsu, then hired a bunch of ninjas to kill Musashi. Also, Otsu has an Iga Ninja sister who kicks ass! To top everything off, after Musashi defeats Kojiro yet again, he goes off and fights the Battle of Sekigahara ......AGAIN! Although maybe I should have guessed that.

 I can't help but wonder if that skirmish would have turned out differently with an adult master swordsman Musashi fighting in it this time.
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