Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arcade Infinity is Closing.

I just found out that Arcade Infinity in southern California is closing. I was planning on making a trip down there this year too. they are closing January 15th.
Arcade Infinity has been around for about 10 years or so and is known for having a large selection of NEW Japanese import games, with an emphasis on fighting, Bemani/rhythm, and rare Cave shooter games.
They also had regular fighting game tournaments and a very loyal community of players. I don't know why they are closing, but it's an extreme loss for the west coast and I'm sorry I was never able to make it down there.
Here's some pictures I pulled off of some guys flickr account and some vids.

Some Sega New Astro City candy cabinets.
Namco Cyberlead candies.
A couple of extremely sexy Sega Net City cabs.
If the place looks deserted in these pictures, it's only an illusion; at night it would get packed.
(I know! A packed arcade! What!? S'true.)

They have one of the only King Of Fighters XIII machines in the USA. Here is some tourney play.

Same for Blazblue Contiuum Shift

Arcade Infinity is damn near legendary. Every time I think of it or read about it I'm reminded of the old Street Fighter 2 days at the Regency Game Palace where walking into the arcade was like stepping foot onto the mat at the freaking Kumite. I've had many dreams of walking into that arcade as an outsider and dominating wave after wave of locals, but I guess I can forget about it now.
You can see by the number of articles about this that the Arcade Infinity will be missed very much.

It looks like they set up a group farewell on the should be interesting to see 600+ people trying to fit into that little arcade!

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