Friday, February 11, 2011

...and finally...Arcade Infinity IS closing.

That didn't take very long, did it.
Evil wins again.

Last night I made a Twitter post stating that I had heard from Ken Tao, owner of AI, that they were being forced to close their doors (again). This time it's permanent. L.A. County denied the application for a business license extension that was requested by the owners of Diamond Plaza. The County wants the Tao brothers to close shop, pay for a new license, and wait for all of the hearings and city council votes in order to stay open (this could take up to 8 months). Ken stated that it wasn't the money that was the problem this time, it's how long AI would have to remained closed while waiting for the final word, which would have likely been "no" anyway. The arcade is closing its doors on February 26th, 2011.
They're selling off all of their games in this thread. 

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