Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some Greetz

I spell greetz with a z like it's the 1990's internet. I wanted to say thanks to a few peoples, I'll try to keep this short.
First, Thank YOU for reading this site!! You're the best around!
Thanks to Flack for making me want to write more and for putting up with all my arcade questions. Thanks to The NFG for The Arcade Font Engine, I use this for so many different things it's ridiculous. Thanks to everyone over at Heavenly Spirits for their help with the quest to make my skill ultimate at Samurai Shodown.
Thank you to everyone at The Pleasuredome for being awesome, and thanks to The Spriters Resource for also being awesome.
Special thanks to ScrollBoss for his Graphic Generators, I used these to help make the picture for our facebook page.
Lastly, but not leastly, check out and play around with their rad Scene Generators.
*I almost forgot! Thank you MAMu_ for the icons!

Now that that's out of the way...
Long time readers will notice that we've made some changes around here! Insert Coins is dead, like I said before, I thought that it was a really cheesy and predictable name, so I changed it. Arcade Perfect is the final evolved form of our name and when the actual arcade opens, that will be the name also.

If you ever read video game magazines back in the 1990's you probably know where the name came from, but it in those days you'd always hear people say things like "Yeah I really like the Super Nintendo version of Street Fighter II, it's almost arcade perfect!" or "Man, I wish they would come out with an arcade perfect port of Mortal Kombat, that has blood instead of some silly ass sweat effect!"

I feel sorry for kids that only play PS3 and Xbox360, because no matter how good a port is, I say if it's not in a cab, running on actual hardware it'll never be arcade perfect!
So yeah, that's where that comes from. We got us a domain name;, so we could ditch the silly blogspot address. Someone was cybersquatting and wanted like 1700 USD for it or something, I think .net sounds friendlier anyways.

Eventually we' are going to ditch blogger altogether and put together a more proper site, but I'm not in any kind of big rush to do this.
Let's see...other than that, I added some links in the sidebar to check out, there is some good stuff there and I added a paypal donate button, in case some rich folks happen along and want to help us buy cabs :p (it could happen)
I guess that's it for now, stay tuned, there's more coming.
Cheers :)
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