Monday, March 14, 2011

Aurcade and the Kong Off

My friends and I have always wanted a list of every arcade game in our town to see exactly what's out there.
Well someone made a website to do just that, on a worldwide scale!
The website is and as of this writing they have over 11,000 games in their database.
I've personally been going all over my little suburban city and finding quite a few games, with the help of a few friends we will have an accurate view of the arcade scene here very soon.
The Aurcade only documents pinball and video games, no redemption games! That's perfect because we all know that redemption games are a curse upon mankind.
I hope that at least some of our readers will help with the Aurcade project. It's pretty fun.

In other news...
The Kong Off is happening in a few days! March 20th - March 21st actually. It is going to be held at Richie Knucklez' Arcade in New Jersey.
The current world record holder Dr. Hank Chien will be there, as well as Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe, plus the other top Donkey Kong players.

The Kong Off will be streamed live on

Recently The All Gen Gamers Podcast did an interview with Hank Chien, he's totally hilarious and seems like a really nice guy, the podcast is worth checking out, All Gen Gamers does a good show anyways.

If you're wondering why anyone would care about a bunch of people playing Donkey Kong, then you must not have seen the film King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.
If that's the case, stop what you're doing and get a hold of that movie. you can buy it from Amazon for like $6.00 USD, Netflix has it, or you can be a dirty pirate and grab it on bittorrent.
But seriously, watch that film, you won't be disappointed.

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Thanks! They are going to merge with Aurcade soon I believe.

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