Monday, April 4, 2011

BGM and Sound Effects Requests

If there is any particular background music or sound effects from a video game that you want, let us know and we'd be happy to try and rip it for you.
I'm putting all the filled requests in this post, which will be updated as needed.
If you have a request, tell us in the comments or on the Facebook page and we'll see what we can do!
Play it loud!

Filled Requests:


Altered Beast 獣王記
Altered Beast
The BGM for Altered Beast is pretty dark and epic, it's good stuff.

Tracks: (.mp3) 320kbps           
1. Neff's Theme
2. Altered Beast
3. Centurion
4. Cystallomancy
5. Rise From Your Grave
6. Underworld
7. Cavern of Souls
8. Athena

Sound effects: (.wav)
Welcome to your Doom
Rise From Your Grave
Never Give up
Power Up

Download the whole thing as a .zip file HERE. (38 MB)

PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16

Ninja Spirit 最後の忍道
Ninja Spirit Screenshot
Games for the PC Engine have a rather unique sound.
The BGM for Ninja Spirit is like a cross between traditional Japanese music and 8bit techno.

Tracks: (.mp3) 320kbps      
1.   Moon
2.   Kizashi Part 2
3.   Iza
4.   Munen
5.   Dark Blue
6.   Kane
7.   Behind the Wind
8.   Theme From Shinobi
9.   Sasurai no Samurai
10. Kessen
11. Forest
12. Karakuri
13. Deep Blue
14. Death of Father
15. Kizashi Part 1
16. Izanai
17. Tugaru

 Download the whole thing as a .zip file HERE. (63 MB)
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