Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who Won the Kong Off?

Well the Kong Off has come and gone, here are the results.

1. Hank Chien – 994,400
2. Steve Wiebe – 986,900
3. Eric Howard – 941,800
4. Dean Saglio – 912,800
5. Vincent Lemay – 851,900
6. Ben Falls – 846,800
7. Billy Mitchell – 821,200
8. Ben Mazowita – 817,800
9. Mark Kiehl – 774,600
10. Ross Benziger – 765,200

It was pretty fun to watch, the sound of all those Donkey Kong games going at once was insane and the award ceremony they did after the contest was really nice.
There are a bunch of video's posted on Richie Knucklez' page. if you want to check it out.
Apparently Roy Shildt aka Mr. Awesome was banned from the Kong Off by Richie, which is hilarious somewhat. Richie did a little interview with him afterward, I'm going to post it here because it's quite funny :)

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